Durantie -Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding abroad can be complicated, especially when there are language, distance and cultural barriers to overcome. For several years we have noticed how much more relaxed people are before and during the day when an experienced professional is organising everything around them. So, I would love to help you create the wedding of your dreams, and I can provide creative ideas on how to stay within your budget whilst adding the touches that can make your day extra special.

I have my own network of selected suppliers in France, and I can assure good quality for good prices when it comes to location, catering, staff, photographer, video, church, flowers, entertainment, babysitters, music, fireworks, hairdressers, coaches, etc. Of course I’m acutely aware of the fact that the last thing you need on the day of your wedding is to be worrying about the details and not spending time with your guests. So I can also be present as a Master of Ceremonies to make sure that everything runs smoothly so you can relax and enjoy your special day.

Usually, I start with a personal intake so I can understand well what you think is important for your special day. After that, I will be in contact with you and the several suppliers till the wedding day and will be pro-active when it comes to planning and organising.

You’re very welcome to contact me to see what I can do for you.